1910, 2021

From Your Lips To God’s Ears

    “From your Lips to God’s ears!”

The first time I heard that phrase I was sitting in a Christian school fundraising strategy meeting. The challenge for the fundraising was great, and humanly speaking, greater than our school’s collective resources. I was sitting on the front row when the speaker revealed the master plan. Behind me was a faithful supporter of the school. However, no sooner than the plan was revealed, the speaker’s last syllable still hanging in the air, this faithful supporter snorted and sarcastically said, “Yeah, from your lips to God’s ears!”

At first I was upset by such an immediate resistance to God’s work. But then God began to speak to my heart. The statement is actually true in that it is a reference to petitioning God for His provision. 

Have you seen or heard about our thermometer board gauging the giving for Clearview’s roofing project? Amazing! What’s it been, 4-5 weeks?! When the leadership team met to address the need, several ideas as to how to finance the project were discussed. Unanimously we agreed to pray and trust God for His provision through the sacrificial giving of His people. And likewise, You prayed, unanimously accepted the leadership team’s proposal, got behind it, and now look – the project is almost complete, and the fundraising goal has almost been met as God has prospered us!

Truly an accomplishment from your lips to God’s ears. 

2009, 2021

What A Wonderful Start


There’s been a lot of talk and use of thermometers and other devices to measure a person’s body temperature during this time of “Covid 19.” The use of these devices has not been for the purpose of determining whether someone has Covid 19 or not. The purpose is to determine the body temperature of the individual being checked. The purpose, then, is determined by a goal. In this case, the goal is 98.6 on a body temperature measuring device. So the target goal for the thermometer reading is set, and most people take it very seriously to assure that the goal is met. As a matter of fact, the jobs of many people depend on the reading to match the goal. If the goal of 98.6 (give or take a degree) isn’t met, one doesn’t enter the building. So therein lies an inherent necessity.

We are currently involved in some roofing projects here at Clearview Baptist Church. We’ve had a great start and continue to experience growing interest. There is a cardboard thermometer on the stage near the organ that measures just where we are in the progress of our giving to meet the goal. You can see for yourself where we are. In many ways, reaching this goal, and other goals to insure the upkeep and betterment of our facilities, is detrimental to the life and growth of our church. 

It is evident that the church is taking it seriously, and it is appreciated more than words can say. Giving is always a sensitive subject because it’s personal and it’s not accomplished without a great deal of consideration to other financial commitments in one’s life. Always give as God prospers you and leads you to give. We have and do enjoy the present facilities because of the faithful sacrificial giving of those in the past. Give now not only for our present benefits, but also for those who will follow.    

Like I said, what a wonderful start


1112, 2020

2020, O Say, Can You See?

The level of fear and angst for most of this year, 2020, has gripped the hearts of many.  Yet others have more than survived, they’ve flourished.  What’s the difference?  Oversimplified, the answer is faith.  Faith always dominates reason, or at least it should.  I have found that the biggest component of fear, or the cause there of, is the unknown.  It’s not just the fear of the unknown, but the unknown can be the cause of the fear.

I wonder what the level of fear was for Mary and Joseph?  Talk about the unknown!  Two young people with their whole life in front of them with the usual plans of marriage, family, one day taking over the family business, and “boom!” the faith Crisis of not only a life time, but for eternity.  Your wife, whom you haven’t consummated your wedding vows with is with child.  “Say what!”  And the darling virgin who has kept herself vigilantly virtuous is told by an angel from God she will be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit from whence the impregnation comes.  Can anyone say, “angst,” “fear?”  Needless to say, potentially off the charts.  However, what was their response?  To quote Mary, “Behold, the maidservant of the Lord.  Let it be to me according to your word.”

Faith, not reason, brought them to this conclusion.  Reason would have had them cut and run.  Societal concerns would have had them consider divorce and abortion, concluding by reason, with the help of science and law (statistically speaking), what the best alternative should be.  Reason, science, law, etc, in and of themselves aren’t the issue, the source or motive for their application is, as well as, their proprietary consideration and ranking.  Faith should dominate every decision in life.

What is so ironic about 2020 is it is the number designating perfect eye sight according to science and medical standards, and yet it is arguably the worst year ever world-wide, at least in modern/post-modern history.  Fear arises where there is little or no faith, faith arises where there is love.  God is Love.  Merry Christmas!

1804, 2020


Greetings, Earthlings!  I hope you are missing us as much as we are missing you.  I’m certain all of you have been keeping up on the Covid 19 status and how it is effecting our community, state and nation.  In the last couple of days, there have been reports that our country, state and community will soon be “reopening.”  President Trump intimated that their are states that could be ready to reopen “today.”  However, he has left the reopening of America again to the state and local governments as they deem necessary.

In light of this news, several of our people have asked when Clearview will be gathering together again.  Technically, religious meetings were never terminated by any government authorities.  The interruption of Clearview’s regular scheduled meetings was voluntary on our part in the best interest for the health, safety and well-being of our membership and visiting guests.  With this in mind, our best target date for regathering corporately will be some time in May.  All this to say, stay tuned to any and all of Clearview’s social media outlets for confirmation date of the reopening of our regularly scheduled meetings.

Be patient and continue to trust the Lord.  For the believer, the outcome of any and every circumstance is for God’s glory and our gain. Our present situation has not taken God by surprise . . . . nothing ever does.


Pastor Dave

704, 2020

One Accord In Prayer

“…. one accord in prayer ….”

Acts 1:14

Have you ever heard of anyone being taught how to swim by being thrown into the water out of a boat? That’s how my brother-in-law, Jesse Touchton, taught me how to pray in public.  We were sitting in a McDonalds restaurant after school one afternoon. He took off his ball cap and I took off mine, following his example, waiting for him to pray, and he said, “You pray.”  I had only been a Christian for a few weeks, but I gave it my best shot.  Neither one of us got sick, so I guess it was ok, lol.

While it was Jesse who taught me how to pray in public, it was his dad, my first pastor, Don Touchton, who introduced me to corporate prayer.  On Wednesday nights, after music and preaching in worship, the entire church body would join together in prayer.  Just about everyone, if not everyone, would come forward to the altar and kneel in prayer. Not only was the altar filled from one side of the church building to the other, but the area between the alter up to the front pews, as well as, the front pews and the second and third rows, was also occupied.  Of course the posture of our bodies wasn’t important, but the condition of our hearts was. In later years, I realized we were experiencing revival.

After 40 plus years of Christianity, involved with and in many churches and ministry opportunities, nothing has rivaled those days of revival.  Including mine, lives were changed and transformed forever.  People from all walks of life joined together, people you wouldn’t find together in any other setting came together as one body in prayer.  It was amazing!  It wasn’t contrived.  The experience was genuine and with biblical precedence.

In the book of Acts, the apostles and others met in one accord, in what can only be described as revival.  Jesus had been crucified, buried, resurrected and ascended to the heavenly Father.  The result was confusion, disappointment and frustration for the followers of Christ.  Until He met with them and told them to meet in the upper room in order to receive the Comforter.  The only way to describe what took place is….revival.  It’s been said that whereas prayer may not guarantee revival, revival is not guaranteed without prayer.

In these days under the order of “safer at home” guidelines, it seems impossible to be together in one accord.  However, remember, it’s not the posture, position or place of our bodies that matters, but the condition of our hearts.

604, 2020


Among many of the ways my father used to discipline me (“discipline,” for those of you born after 1970, was a way parents used to get the attention of their children, i.e., spankings, withholding meals, and being grounded were just some of the ways discipline was administered) grounding was probably the worst.  Im not talking about “time out.”  By the way, grounding usually followed a spanking.  But I digress.

I once spent an entire summer, yes, an entire summer, grounded two weeks at a time.  I would get grounded, two weeks passed, and on the day I was released, on that very day, I did something that got me grounded for another two weeks. Couldn’t go anywhere.  People could come over (none did), but I couldn’t go anywhere.

You know what’s interesting?  Some of the friends I used to hang out with got into some serious trouble that summer.  If I hadn’t been grounded, I’m certain I would have too.  At the time of my being grounded, I couldn’t understand why or how come it had to be so long and harsh.  My dad didn’t know that these guys were gonna get into trouble, but the effect was still the same. Whether I liked or understood being grounded for that summer, it might very well have saved my life, certainly a great deal of pain.

I don’t like all of the restrictions that we’re facing right now.  Don’t understand all of what’s going on, and truthfully, my opinion differs from the popular belief of many of those who are in charge.  However, the Bible says I am to obey the ruling authorities (Romans 13:1-7).  So I encourage you to do the same.  After all, it might even save your life, or certainly a great deal of pain.

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