There’s been a lot of talk and use of thermometers and other devices to measure a person’s body temperature during this time of “Covid 19.” The use of these devices has not been for the purpose of determining whether someone has Covid 19 or not. The purpose is to determine the body temperature of the individual being checked. The purpose, then, is determined by a goal. In this case, the goal is 98.6 on a body temperature measuring device. So the target goal for the thermometer reading is set, and most people take it very seriously to assure that the goal is met. As a matter of fact, the jobs of many people depend on the reading to match the goal. If the goal of 98.6 (give or take a degree) isn’t met, one doesn’t enter the building. So therein lies an inherent necessity.

We are currently involved in some roofing projects here at Clearview Baptist Church. We’ve had a great start and continue to experience growing interest. There is a cardboard thermometer on the stage near the organ that measures just where we are in the progress of our giving to meet the goal. You can see for yourself where we are. In many ways, reaching this goal, and other goals to insure the upkeep and betterment of our facilities, is detrimental to the life and growth of our church. 

It is evident that the church is taking it seriously, and it is appreciated more than words can say. Giving is always a sensitive subject because it’s personal and it’s not accomplished without a great deal of consideration to other financial commitments in one’s life. Always give as God prospers you and leads you to give. We have and do enjoy the present facilities because of the faithful sacrificial giving of those in the past. Give now not only for our present benefits, but also for those who will follow.    

Like I said, what a wonderful start