The level of fear and angst for most of this year, 2020, has gripped the hearts of many.  Yet others have more than survived, they’ve flourished.  What’s the difference?  Oversimplified, the answer is faith.  Faith always dominates reason, or at least it should.  I have found that the biggest component of fear, or the cause there of, is the unknown.  It’s not just the fear of the unknown, but the unknown can be the cause of the fear.

I wonder what the level of fear was for Mary and Joseph?  Talk about the unknown!  Two young people with their whole life in front of them with the usual plans of marriage, family, one day taking over the family business, and “boom!” the faith Crisis of not only a life time, but for eternity.  Your wife, whom you haven’t consummated your wedding vows with is with child.  “Say what!”  And the darling virgin who has kept herself vigilantly virtuous is told by an angel from God she will be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit from whence the impregnation comes.  Can anyone say, “angst,” “fear?”  Needless to say, potentially off the charts.  However, what was their response?  To quote Mary, “Behold, the maidservant of the Lord.  Let it be to me according to your word.”

Faith, not reason, brought them to this conclusion.  Reason would have had them cut and run.  Societal concerns would have had them consider divorce and abortion, concluding by reason, with the help of science and law (statistically speaking), what the best alternative should be.  Reason, science, law, etc, in and of themselves aren’t the issue, the source or motive for their application is, as well as, their proprietary consideration and ranking.  Faith should dominate every decision in life.

What is so ironic about 2020 is it is the number designating perfect eye sight according to science and medical standards, and yet it is arguably the worst year ever world-wide, at least in modern/post-modern history.  Fear arises where there is little or no faith, faith arises where there is love.  God is Love.  Merry Christmas!