Ponder this season what Christmas means to you.  Search your heart and mind as to how the word “Christmas” affects you.

Christmas for me, first and foremost, is a time of celebration for the birth of The Lord, Jesus Christ.  Irrespective of the efforts of nay sayers and those who would nitpick the “actual” birth date of Christ to undermine our joy, spirit of peace and happiness, Christmas encourages expressions of love, kindness and giving like no other time of the year.

Christmas for me also means family and friendship.  Whether your loved ones and friends are with you or not, this season like none other draws us closer to one another, again, in the spirit of love, kindness and giving.

Christmas for me is also one of the most awesome times of the year to be planting and watering seeds of the gospel.  People seem to be more open to peace on earth and good will toward men like no other season.  You might not see the fruit of you labor now, but just know that in Kingdom economy, God’s Word will not return void.


Merry Christmas!!