“From your Lips to God’s ears!”

The first time I heard that phrase I was sitting in a Christian school fundraising strategy meeting. The challenge for the fundraising was great, and humanly speaking, greater than our school’s collective resources. I was sitting on the front row when the speaker revealed the master plan. Behind me was a faithful supporter of the school. However, no sooner than the plan was revealed, the speaker’s last syllable still hanging in the air, this faithful supporter snorted and sarcastically said, “Yeah, from your lips to God’s ears!”

At first I was upset by such an immediate resistance to God’s work. But then God began to speak to my heart. The statement is actually true in that it is a reference to petitioning God for His provision. 

Have you seen or heard about our thermometer board gauging the giving for Clearview’s roofing project? Amazing! What’s it been, 4-5 weeks?! When the leadership team met to address the need, several ideas as to how to finance the project were discussed. Unanimously we agreed to pray and trust God for His provision through the sacrificial giving of His people. And likewise, You prayed, unanimously accepted the leadership team’s proposal, got behind it, and now look – the project is almost complete, and the fundraising goal has almost been met as God has prospered us!

Truly an accomplishment from your lips to God’s ears.