Among many of the ways my father used to discipline me (“discipline,” for those of you born after 1970, was a way parents used to get the attention of their children, i.e., spankings, withholding meals, and being grounded were just some of the ways discipline was administered) grounding was probably the worst.  Im not talking about “time out.”  By the way, grounding usually followed a spanking.  But I digress.

I once spent an entire summer, yes, an entire summer, grounded two weeks at a time.  I would get grounded, two weeks passed, and on the day I was released, on that very day, I did something that got me grounded for another two weeks. Couldn’t go anywhere.  People could come over (none did), but I couldn’t go anywhere.

You know what’s interesting?  Some of the friends I used to hang out with got into some serious trouble that summer.  If I hadn’t been grounded, I’m certain I would have too.  At the time of my being grounded, I couldn’t understand why or how come it had to be so long and harsh.  My dad didn’t know that these guys were gonna get into trouble, but the effect was still the same. Whether I liked or understood being grounded for that summer, it might very well have saved my life, certainly a great deal of pain.

I don’t like all of the restrictions that we’re facing right now.  Don’t understand all of what’s going on, and truthfully, my opinion differs from the popular belief of many of those who are in charge.  However, the Bible says I am to obey the ruling authorities (Romans 13:1-7).  So I encourage you to do the same.  After all, it might even save your life, or certainly a great deal of pain.