The will of God, one of the simplest concepts to understand yet one of the most complex to explain.  Falling under the heading of The Sovereignty of God, the doctrine has probably brought more debate in the last five centuries than any other, especially when applied to salvation.  Take the doctrine of the hypostatic union – Christ is fully God and fully man – it illustrates the sovereignty of God perfectly, yet remains a miracle defying explanation.  In fact, apart from faith, it is impossible to comprehend how Christ can be fully God and fully man with neither adding to nor taking away from the essential attributes of the other.

What was one of the by-products of the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock?  Thanksgiving.  and yet the will of man was to land at one place, but the will of God either by assignment, appointment, arrangement or allowance, was for them to land where they did.  Though hardships were to follow their arrival (an understatement for sure), Thanksgiving was the result; nevertheless Thy will be done.

Some say it was a mistake for the Pilgrims to land where they did.  I say it was a miracle.  Someone might say, “How can it be a miracle with such pain, suffering and death associated with their ultimate landing site?”  I say the same way the hypostatic union of Christ brought salvation through the greatest level of pain, suffering and death for the Son of God.  Perhaps the most significant reason for giving thanks.  And what were the prayerful words of the Son to the Father before the cross?  “Nevertheless, Thy will be done.”