It’s been a couple of days since the tragic shooting in Las Vegas.  Enough time for much speculation, pontification and “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s” from political pontiffs, bantoring broadcasters and liberal lobbyists as well as foolish “Fundamentalists.”  Everyone has the answer after the fact, but what about before?!  The suggestions range anywhere from taking guns away from every “honest” citizen to arming every “honest” citizen.  In the wake of fear and trepidation of a horrific event, people tend to panic into error.  Mob mentality takes over and decisions by otherwise reasonable persons are, well, unreasonable.      So whats the answer?  The answer is to remain fervent in prayer and urgent in soul winning, especially for the Christian.

A few years ago in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, a man massacred several Amish female students in a one room school.  Despite attempts from the media to stir ire from the Amish community against the outrage, one of the grandfathers of one of the students who was brutally murdered was asked what he thought.  He said that there is evil in the world and he (the murderer) made a bad decision.  That response has never left me.  I’ve ruminated on that insight for years.  His response was based on faith and Love – God’s love.  The Amish community reached out to the wife and family of the murderer and loved, comforted and received them.

I heard that there were lines to give blood for the Las Vegas shooting victims five hours long.  Folks, that’s how we are to combat tyranny, terrorism and tragedy – Love.  I read the back of the book.  I know how it all ends, and there are still more upsets to come.  How then shall we live?  Micah 6:8.