I’ve been pondering hurricane Irma for a few days now.  Just like many, I’ve been watching and praying she would go away as she has stubbornly developed into a category 5 (presently) storm.  Obviously my prayer is that Irma would dissipate, disintegrate, and dissolve.  As the various news outlets forecast their version of “spaghetti model” routes, I focus on the one that takes Irma northeast back out to the Atlantic.  But that ever present “cone of uncertainty” distracts my view.

It is the word “uncertainty” that sends chills up and down one’s spine whether it pertains to a category 5 hurricane or stage 4 cancer.  The “unknown” as I refer to it, is what one is afraid of losing or not gaining.  I’ve been fascinated by the reaction in Florida to Irma as preparations for her arrival are well underway (including our own).  I’ve seen many storms and several hurricanes in and throughout Florida.  Why is Irma, while still some 3-4 days out from potential landfall in florida, different?  My opinion, one word, Harvey.

Harvey is still fresh on everyone’s hearts and minds as “Houston” begins to assess the damages of that devastating hurricane.  Those images, I dare say, are what folks here in florida see when the name Irma is mentioned.  As well it should be.  Reasonable warnings are from wisdom and wise people consider them.  Panic is not the answer of course, and whereas fear stimulates panic preparation satisfies fear.  Are you ready?

For me, the warnings of the most devastating and catastrophic event ever has been and is often ignored by many.  It’s not a hurricane.  It’s not an earthquake.  It’s not a flood, although these and other meteorological and geological occurrences will be present.  The event of which I speak is the coming of the Lord.

Belief is the key.  For those who are taking Irma seriously, many are doing so because they have become believers of the storm’s “potential” dangers in light of what Harvey’s “real” devastation was/is.  Regarding the Lord’s coming, it is a matter of belief as well.  The big difference is the last measurable historical event(s) to remind us of the Lord’s coming was 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, raised and ascended to heaven.  The reality of its true impact has been cushioned by time.  Consider yourself warned.  The question is, “Are you ready?”